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Available for Purchase:

City Limits

13"L x 19"W


Windows 8

18"L x 13.5"W

Windows 6

13"L x 13.5"W

Rhythm and Blues

16"L x 10.5"W


17"L x 12.25"W



35"L x 16.5"W

Cityscape 6

18"L x 8.75"W

Windows 5
16”L x 14.5”W


What Lies Within 3

18”L x 10.5”W

What Lies With 2

18.75"L x 10.25"W


What Lies Within 1

18.5"L x 11"W

What Lies Beyond

22"L x 13"W


Spacescape 18
23”L x 17.5”W

Spacescape 16

26"L x 20"W

Skyline 8

24"L x 20"W



Interior: Filtered Light

21"L x 15"W

View from Above 2
27”L x 19”W

View from Above 1
24”L x 19”W



20”L x 15”W


City Lights

28"L x 21"W





20"L x 24"W


26"L x 36"W





The Elements

22"L x 18"W

Portal 3

11"L x 21"W

Cityscape 4

12"L x 25"W


Portals 1

16"L x 26"W



16"L x 22"W


Altered Perspectives 5

18.5"L x 13"W

Altered Perspectives 4

18" L x 18" W




Blue City

27"L x 22.5" W

Within 2

16.5"L x 37.5"W

Within 1

19"L x 14"W


Snowy Village

36"L x 25"W



Skyline 4

14"L x 19"W




Morning in the City

15"L x 20.5"W



Winter Solstice

16"L x 11.5"W



Vase Variations: Blue

19"L x 15"W


"Stile Liberty" in Mondello

25.5"L x 24"W




Zen Garden

20.5"L x 17"W


20"L x 15.5"W



The Chasm
24"L x 25.5"W

Symmetry 5: Rice Wine
15.5"L x 22.5"W


Symmetry 3
19"L x 32"W

Symmetry 2

21"L x 32"W

Symmetry 1
16"L x 19"W


Cityscape II
25.5"L x 36.5"W

Black Hole
24.5"L x 24.5"W


Cityscape I
25.5"L x 15.5"W


Floating Squares
28.5"L x 25.75"W

Fibonacci #1

28"L x 32"W


Skyline 6

17"L x 12.5"W

Spring View

17.5"L x 15"W


Autumn View

19"L x 29"W


Cityscape 5

22"L x 11.5"W

Altered Perspectives 7

14"L x 16"W



Fragments 1

17"L x 13.5"W

Skyline 5

16" L x 13" W

Altered Perspectives 2

11"L x 19.5"W


Portal 2

23"L x 17"W



Altered Perspectives
36"L x 30"W




15"L x 22"W


Windows 2

19"L x 24.5"W



Spacescape 3

19"L x 11"W


Symmetry 6: Raku
23"L x 34"W

Symmetry 4: Vessels
12.75"L x 23"W



Neo-Deco 3
23"L x 26.5"W

Color Study 4

11.5"L x 13.5"W

Odyssey V

29.5"L x 37"W

21"L x 17.5"W


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